Knowing is half the battle – Movere identifies vulnerabilities then provides the information needed to secure your environment

By regularly scanning your environment, Movere can identify cybersecurity risks by highlighting deviations from standards and unusual patterns like frequency of logins or password resets quickly - and alerts you to take action to secure your environment.

Movere identifies

  • Unauthorized users
  • Inappropriate system access
  • Previously-undiscovered devices or environments
  • Orphaned objects
  • Passwords that don’t expire
  • Copies of sensitive databases
  • and more.

Remaining compliant with industry regulations like GDPR, SOC, SOX, or HIPAA is greatly simplified as Movere gives you real-time data that is actionable and reliable - not only to help optimize your IT environment, but also to help reduce vulnerabilities and mitigate risk.

7 out of 8  Digital Transformation customers found cybersecurity issues in their environment with the help of Movere

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