Movere & Microsoft: empowering digital transformation together for over ten years

Movere offers a Microsoft-certified and customer-proven solution

Since 2008, Movere and Microsoft have partnered to bring their enterprise customers the intelligence needed to make smart decisions about IT environments.  As momentum behind data estate migrations builds, Movere is the solution of choice for Microsoft partners and customers who need to

  • Have insight into everything in enterprise IT environments and interdependencies from the process level of an individual database to the IP address of individual devices and everything in between
  • Understand the Actual Resource Consumption (ARC) of their environment so they can right-size their Azure cloud configuration from the start
  • Compare Azure costs for inventoried data and ARC’d data by subscription type and region, instantaneously
  • Know exactly how many licenses are being used on-premises and in Azure
  • Identify cybersecurity risks caused by outdated software, login breaches, expired passwords and more.

Movere is an agentless, SaaS solution that scans, integrates, analyzes and presents on-premises and cloud IT environments in less than a day. No downloads.  No deployments. Once the scan is complete, there is no evidence Movere was ever in the environment.

By scanning at a rate of 1,000 servers per hour, Movere presents 99.7% complete and accurate data by which to make intelligent decisions.

What’s more, Movere is the only solution of its kind that is SOC2 certified – making it the most trustworthy and secure option for IT environment analysis.

A participant in the One Commercial Partner program and a Microsoft-certified Gold Datacenter Partner, Movere empowers our partners to be the Trusted Advisor our customers deserve.

Microsoft Enterprise Account Executive Zach Guthrie

“We now have a platform to reference for application dependency mapping, actual resource consumption, optimization and modernization opportunities, and business intelligence that allows us to make the best decisions throughout our three-year cloud migration plan.”

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