Helping AWS customers right-size their cloud from the beginning

Movere: AWS Advanced ISV partner for Migration

As an Amazon Web Services Advanced ISV partner for Migration, Movere is helping provide the visibility and actionable intelligence organizations need to right-size their cloud from the start.


Together Movere and AWS can help you:

  • Identify on-premises candidates for migration to AWS
  • Understand how SQL Server and Windows Server licensing translates into AWS
  • Determine appropriate AWS instances to support your planned migration workloads based on performance data automatically collected by our Actual Resource Consumption bot
  • Leverage our cpu optimization analysis to right-size your AWS configuration without compromising performance
  • Assign Dedicated Hosts to devices based on consumption analysis for optimized performance and cost efficiency
  • View side-by-side cost comparisons between lift-and-shift scenarios and ARC configurations in all AWS regions globally
  • See application dependencies, including when and who is using those applications prior to migration
  • Gain real-time intelligence across your IT landscape – whether it is running on-premises or in AWS
  • Gain optimization insights into your existing AWS instances

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