Helping AWS customers right-size their cloud from the beginning


Movere: AWS Advanced ISV partner for Migration

As an Amazon Web Services Advanced ISV partner for Migration, Movere is helping provide the visibility and actionable intelligence organizations need to right-size their cloud from the start.

Together Movere and AWS can help you:

  • Identify on-premises candidates for migration to AWS
  • Determine appropriate AWS instances to support your planned migration workloads based on Actual Resource Consumption data
  • Assign Dedicated Hosts to devices based on consumption analysis for optimized performance and cost efficiences
  • View side-by-side cost comparisons between lift-and-shift scenarios and ARC configurations in all AWS regions globally
  • Understand application dependencies, including when and who is using those applications prior to migration
  • Gain real-time intelligence across your IT landscape – whether it is running on-premises or in AWS
  • Gain optimization insights into your existing AWS deployment

“We needed to have a platform that could help us right-size our environment as well as proactively prepare for new acquisitions in the future. Movere was able to help us quantify our AWS roadmap and give us insights into our strategic planning.”

Global Fashion Retailer and joint AWS & Movere customer

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