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Pre-packaged and tested end-to-end solutions that solve customer’s most pressing challenges

Data and insights are pivotal to any well-developed plan, however, without action, how does that saying go about the best laid plans…

To help customers fast track execution of their optimization and migration plans, Movere has built alliances with best-in-class software and expert service providers that can bring deliver on your plans and business objectives quickly, expertly and cost-effectively. If you’re looking for assistance, all of our partners below are eager to help.

Automated Cloud Migration

RiverMeadow Software Inc. delivers a purpose-built SaaS-based Cloud Migration Platform and managed migration services to dramatically reduce the time, cost and risk associated with moving physical, virtual and cloud-based workloads into and between public, private and hybrid clouds. RiverMeadow’s SaaS Platform is agentless, live streaming, non-intrusive, hypervisor agnostic and delivers cloud migrations at scale with no interruption to the current workload function and performance.


Automated Enterprise Application Migration

ZeroDown® Software provides high availability solutions that enable accelerated cloud adoption and application migration with full business assurance. ZeroDown’s patented Always Available™ technology eliminates the risks typically associated with a shift to hybrid and multi-cloud environments, protecting in-flight transactions and data with zero downtime. The HA solution supplies a critical safety net to complete the last mile of app migration offering fault tolerance, business continuity, and assurance across multiple sites and platforms. For more information, please visit


Legacy, Complex, Custom Environments

Bit-Wizards is a consulting company based in Florida made up of passionate developers who understand complex environments and how to migrate them to the cloud.  Whether your migration involves mainframe and legacy systems, complex or custom applications, Bit-Wizards excels at transforming the most difficult of systems into cloud-ready environments.


Source Code Analysis

CAST, a Software Intelligence pioneer has partnered with Movere to help customers build smarter cloud migration strategies and accelerate their move to Cloud. CAST complements Movere’s expertise in Discovery and Infrastructure Assessment by analyzing application source code to rapidly segment, prioritize, and identify apps ready to move quickly to Cloud. Enterprises leverage CAST to scan hundreds of applications to find quick wins, avoid obstacles that slow migration and ensure applications moving to the cloud are structurally sound. CAST uses predictive patterns analysis built over time by scanning thousands of applications and billions of lines of code.


SQL Server/Windows Server End of Support Assessment

SoftwareONE is a global leader in software and cloud portfolio management. We modernize the way customers budget and utilize their global IT spend, on-premises and in the cloud. The PyraCloud platform, coupled with Software Portfolio Management (SPM) services, enables customers to ensure they capture the maximum return on existing and future software investments.


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