Optimization & Transformation

Modernization, optimization, and consolidation – oh my! Let Movere show you how these three actions can dramatically transform your environment

Modernization, optimization and transformation are the buzz words du jour in the IT world – and for very good reason. In order to save valuable time and money while enabling your organization to run as effectively as possible, your IT environment needs to be structured in a way that allows for maximum performance. As the administrator responsible for making that possible, you need a real-time understanding of what you have, how it’s being used, when, and by whom.

Movere scans your global environment and surfaces key data points down to the infrastructure type and geography, application and device, database and user-level so you can understand where you have opportunities to optimize and transform your environment.

With Movere, you can:

  • Migrate data and applications to the cloud
  • Update unsupported platforms and applications
  • True-up software licenses accurately and efficiently
  • Reduce server sprawl
  • Leverage your cloud effectively
  • Understand how your containers are being used
  • Monitor subscription software installations
  • Consolidate surplus hardware
  • Identify unused resources, and more!

Given how quickly enterprise organizations change, running scans with Movere regularly ensures the greatest opportunity for maximum efficiency and security. Movere can re-scan an environment at the click of a button and create an updated inventory and collection of data points within a fraction of the amount of time it would traditionally take – enabling you to optimize your environment regularly. Plus, this data is available in its raw form to be applied to any business requirement for analysis and reporting. With constant changes happening across the business from new systems, updated software, new employees and licenses, to changes in resource utilization, Movere makes it incredibly simple to have actionable, real-time data on hand to modernize, optimize and transform your environment.


avg. over-allocation before optimizing with Movere


avg. overspend on enterprise cloud environments*

*Forbes, Feb. 15, 2018


of enterprise leaders list optimization of cloud resources as top priority*

By simply filtering on users whose access to Office 365 had been blocked, a global engineering firm was able to identify $421,000 worth of Project and Visio subscriptions alone that could be reassigned to users.

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