Digital transformation is an on-going process, discovery of your environments should be as well

Discovery is about continued renewal through the lens of data and insights.  Movere automates the secure collection and transmission, integration and presentation of IT data across one or many domains within hours. Movere then leverages associative dimensioning to provide every user, irrespective of skillset or background, with the ability to interact with technical data at the depth and breadth needed to make intelligent decisions in real time.  And, because Movere takes a fraction of the time typical manual processes take, you can run repeated discovery cycles to ensure you always have the most up-to-date picture of your global IT environment.

More than just a point-in-time assessment, Movere enables a depth of monitoring, analysis and optimization unseen in any other platform. Movere organically scans environments globally at a rate of up to 1,000 servers per hour and multiple instances/environments in less than one day.



servers per hour


of your environment scanned, indexed & presented in a single day


 data points collected

"After rapid deployment and within only an hour of scanning, Movere was able to pick up everything in our Active Directory domains, identify all of our cloud machines, and provide insight into our activity and status. Movere was able to discover 25% more servers than we originally thought were in our environment, uncovering some environments that were offline, expired, or retired, and providing a clear understanding of the devices that our team was unaware even existed."  - Anheuser Busch

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