Cloud Readiness

Build your cloud right from the start with insights only Movere can provide

Planning for a cloud migration is not as easy as swapping one on-premises server for one in the cloud.  The cloud is a cost-effective solution if you size and leverage your cloud environment accurately and efficiently.  Movere does an Actual Resource Consumption (ARC) scan on your current environment to help you understand what you have with 99.9% accuracy,

  • What is in your environment, from servers to devices to containers
  • How your environment is being used and at what capacity
  • When and where spikes in usage occur
  • What is driving consumption


Movere maps your entire global IT environment to suggest the most economical and resource-sufficient VM and storage for your apps.  Movere then overlays geo-spatial data to help you choose the best region for your organization’s needs in either Azure or AWS. Because offers and pricing vary by region the key to keeping your cloud spending at bay is to evaluate all of the factors simultaneously.

And given environments can change quickly, running Movere regularly throughout the course of your planned migration ensures that no data, apps or users are left behind.


hour to know cloud TCO post scan


accurate cloud sizing calculations


scope creep on new cloud projects with Movere’s insights

"We now have a platform to reference for application dependency mapping, actual resource consumption, optimization and modernization opportunities, and business intelligence that allows us to make the best decisions throughout our three-year cloud migration plan." - Anheuser Busch

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